High quality bathroom tiling

Save money and time with experienced, high quality bathroom tiling!

With reliability and commitment, we assure a proper treatment, even for small intervention work, not only for full renovation.

The bathroom is one of the most solicited areas in the house from two points of view, frequent use and conditions: steam, heat, and water.

For these reasons, a bathroom must:

Be welcoming: The tiles must be selected according to their decorative potential, with an appropriate design and combination, suitable not only aesthetically, but practically. The combination can be created with various colors, especially mosaics, to make sense of each coated space, creating an aesthetic continuity. Tiling the bathroom must give an architectural impact to reflect your character and aesthetic sense.

Tiling the bathroom requires an engineering and artistic design. The project will have, as the primary objective for the bathroom fitters, to implement your requirements, and where possible, to create harmony of colors and spaces as well as to meet your needs.

Have a protective function: preventing the penetration of water into the walls, a phenomenon that can the cause mold. In fact, the tiles they will be fitting, must have resistance to steam, heat, and water conditions created during everyday use. Therefore, your choice of materials for tiling is vital for the final result to ensure the resistance of the environment.

Bathroom Renovation

  • remove and dispose wall and floor tiles
  • remove and dispose units: bath, toilet, sink
  • full plumbing service
  • making cabinets of MDF
  • full tiling: all types (marble, natural stone, travertine, slate, porcelain, mosaic, ceramic, and glass ceramics)
  • fitting the new units
  • fitting accessories
  • final painting

Illuminate the bathroom

Illuminate bathroom

Here are some things you can do, or add, which can help to brighten up your bathroom.

Place lots of candles and lamps

Based on the terrible overhead of a strong central lamp or lighting above the mirror in the bathroom is the worst way. If you are short on space, consider mounting the wall to add functional light without taking up the work plan. If there is space and opportunity, a funny, unexpected pendant lamp can help make up for the lack of natural light.

Place the small but unusual furniture

The standard bathroom furniture is boring. Add the unexpected small stool or chair furniture, something unusual, as this accessory adds a lot of personality.

Paint the walls or put the tiles of a light color and uniform

If you can, paint all the walls and ceiling of a beautiful white surface, and this will extend the feeling of the size of the room. Or, if you want to do something more drastic, add a lot of very polished tiles up to 20 cm from the ceiling and paint the walls in the same color.

Place additional mirrors and reflective surfaces

You might think the large mirror over the sink is enough, but if you have the space on the wall (though maybe not in front of your main mirror) consider adding more mirrors to expand the space. It can also be fun.

Add hanging units

The wall units are a compact and attractive solution for use in high spaces, as a deposit.

Practical and good-looking, the wall cabinets will greatly increase the space to store things in the bathroom, and help to eliminate the clutter of the sink edges. Designs with adjustable shelves allow you to place tall objects such as bottles or short-term items.

Also, do not forget the upper part of the wardrobe. This is a good opportunity to place decorative elements such as a ceramic statuette, a large shell or a rustic basket of silk flowers or if there is enough light, a plant with branches that hang (the plants in the bathroom will thrive because they enjoy moisture).

3 thoughts on “High quality bathroom tiling”

  1. Cristian carried out tiling for my bathroom.. we agreed a fee which was extremely reasonable and he carried out work to an extremely high standard. When we agreed pricing he offered to purchase grout and adhesive which proved to to at a much lower price than I would have been able to purchase, I also check receipts and if anything he had undercharged me. I had to change start date due to bath not arriving and he was fine about that even though it meant him losing a day’s pay, he also suggested some places that I could purchase tiles which again saved me on cost. A the end of the job I found one minor fault which when he was told came back on a separate date and resolved…….. As tiling goes his work was of the highest quality, price was very reasonable and professionalism of the highest order.

  2. I highly recommend him. He came straight away after I invited him for the job. In the same week he was willing to start. He was very flexible when I had to postpone the job because tiles didn’t come on time. The price is very reasonable, he quoted job+material except tiles.
    I had a small issue after he finished, but he came the following day to resolve it.
    Best of all, he is not just professional, he has a great attitude.

  3. Cristian was brilliant. This was a demanding job in marble so much care was needed with cutting and colour matching. Cristian was more than willing to take the time to accommodate our (often exacting!) requirements with patience and good humour. We are delighted with the final result (this is a family bathroom with marble tiled walls and mozaic marble floor) and would have no hesitation in recommending this excellent team.


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